• Introducing a basic reality check!

    Posted on August 22, 2014 by in Uncategorized

    Good day to you and thank you for taking time out of your life to read this post….

    The reason you are reading this post right now, is because it is applicable to the situation, the current present moment in your life….

    It is easy to blame others for circumstances that take place in your own life. Infact many people believe that all of the negative situations that they face, are infact, caused by other people who had played a role in creating this mess for them!

    The biggest problem lies therein. Every single thing that has ever happened to you or will ever happen to you, can and will only be as a result of your own doing, your own thoughts, your own beliefs, your own actions and your own behaviour… It has never been and will never be as a result of someone’s else’s thoughts, beliefs, actions & behaviour.

    This may be a bitter pill for you to swallow right now and you are probably thinking that I am writing nonsense here and I will not try to convince you either, infact, it has to take a different kind of understanding and awareness that needs to develop within you, to accept these words.

    Once you accept all of that I have written, you will open your path and your life journey of success and complete fulfilment. You are more than welcome to question a lot of what I have to say and I will be more than happy to provide answers to the best of my knowledge and experience.

    All of the problems, challenges and difficulties that you have ever faced will slowly but surely disappear from your life, like magic!

    This sounds all too good… doesn’t it?

    This blog is aimed at creating change in your life. I have recently written a book and glad to announce that I am the published author of “Get out of your Mind! 7 steps to creating life-long success & long term fulfilment” The book was published in Toronto, Canada by New York Times Bestselling Author, Raymond Aaron.

    This post is only the beginning to a beautiful future ahead, filled with abundance, gratitude and love. If you would like to create change in your life and if you are serious about creating your own reality of goodness then this blog page will soon become your new friend…

    So gear up! Travel with me on this journey, let me take your hand and lead you from darkness into the light that awaits your consciousness..

    Live, Love, Laugh…

    Adila Vahed

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  1. Sumaya Mehra says:

    I agree with your type of thinking and I look forward to reading more about the way in which you think. Also please let us know about how to order a copy of your book? I am based outside of South Africa so please advise

    • Adila Vahed says:

      Dear Sumaya
      Thank you for your positive feedback. Will definately update timeously.
      The book is available at the following stores:-
      Adams Musgrave
      Al Ansaar Bookshop
      IPCI Bookstore
      The price of the book is R120.00 per copy