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    bookGet out of Your Mind

    So, this blog is about my recently published book titled ‘Get out of your Mind!’ 7 steps to creating Long-term success and Life-long fulfillment

    I attended a conference last year in February where I was given the opportunity to submit the manuscript for my book which I was hoping to publish. At the time, I was not too sure whether or not, my writing was even going to be considered let alone it being publishing material and so I steered ahead.

    It was about a month later that I received news of my work being accepted for publishing and this is how the book was born. The book was published by Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author & this all happened in Canada.

    I was thrilled to finally have the first copy of this book, in my hands in July 2014…it didn’t feel real at the time, I was amazed, overwhelmed, humbled & pretty emotional that I had my very own book published. With an ISBN number.

    And the feeling is good, I must admit. Well, it is now 10 -11 months later since the launch of Get out of your Mind! I am happy that about 500 copies of the book were sold and also given away. I have been invited as a guest speaker to so many events speaking about the mind and the power that lies within each of us, within our souls, and encouraging and motivating people to work past negative thinking & realise their own potential to really create a life that is filfulling & beautiful at the same time.

    To all those that feel trapped, confused, anxious, possibly going through some sort of mid-life crisis, or even struggling to get through relationships, careers or daily life then may I suggest you order a copy of Get out of your Mind. It doesn’t matter where you are, we are able to post your copy and I will sign it for you as well 🙂 I can assure you that this book will offer you just the information you need to move forward, look into your beautiful soul, realise your worth, your value & your role in this world, become an appreciative human at the deepest level & then begin to see your life changing before your eyes. You will be equipped to transform relationships, work situations, personal matters & your life, overall will begin to become a clearer picture to you as you will no longer be standing too close to the painting…

    The feedback received over the past 10 -11 months from readers have been heart-warming. Aged from 18 years through to 50, I have received some amazing stories about how lives have changed, how miracles if you want to call it that, have taken place just by an adjustment of thought processes. We all do not have the answers for every problem that we experience in life. If we knew the solution, there would be no problem.

    It is a journey and a beautiful one at that! But as long as we are focusing on the negative, there isnt a chance to notice the positive and so Get out of Your Mind is an easy to read, easy to understand handbook that you will refer to in your daily life & look into for some sort of tool to get ahead & not be trapped within the confinement of negative thinking!

    For a copy, email me on adila@adivah.co.za

    With Love