• Goodbye 2014…Bring in 2015!

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    2014 has been a long year for many & a very fast year for some… well let me share a little about our year, at Adivah

    It started off beautifully with Albaraka Bank as a 6 month contract whereby we put together the 25th Year Business Anniversary Gala Dinner & Conference for Albaraka Bank. The official gala dinner took place on the 18th June 2014 at the ICC, Durban. The theme was “Celebrating Africa” ¬†Overall, it had been a successful & rewarding event along with media publicity & great guest feedback. Clients at Albaraka Bank are very satisfied with the care & exceptional service received by all management & staff at the Bank. Well done to CEO, Mr Shabir Chohan & his amazing team at Albaraka.

    Another really memorable & stunning event produced by Adivah in Africa was the Diamond Jubilee 60th Year Business Anniversary Gala Dinner for the Bargain Wholesalers Group of Port Shepstone. This gorgeous gala dinner took place on the 22nd October 2014 also at the ICC, Durban.

    Stunning decor, lighting, amazing food, very entertaining MC, live entertainment including a fire & silk trapeze act brought together a night never to be forgotten! A hearty and sincere thank you to the Moosa family for their warmth & humility yet ever deserving celebration.

    At this point I would like to thank the following service providers who have made these 2 events a tremendous success:

    Black Coffee, Kreative Perspectives, Lifestyle Deco, TTL Photography, Ocean Driven Media, ICC, SANHA, Gearhouse, Interprint, Sovereign Media & the list is endless, i apologise if I have left out your company name but a great thank you to everyone who provided support to Adivah in Africa throughout 2014! Well done & cant wait for the next year ahead..

    Moving away from events for a bit, I am proud to announce the birth and official launch of my book titled Get out of your Mind! 7 steps to creating success & fifullment. It has been greatly received and more & more copies are selling nationally. I am thankful to everyone who has supported me with my first book which was published in Toronto,Canada by Raymond Aaron, New York Times Bestselling Author. I want to give special thanks to the following people who has been especially interviewed as successful mentors in my book so here goes:

    Mr Yacoob Moosa, Bargain Wholesalers

    Mr Shabir Chohan, Albaraka Bank

    Mr Muhammad Ra’id, MTS Travel

    Mr Salim Cassim, Apex Asphalt Construction

    Sheritha Kumar, Protea Hotels

    Also a thank you for support goes out to Ashok Sewnarain, IBV International, Mr Solly Noor, Mr Ahmed Ismail & Mrs Riette Bennett.

    And to each and every person, company & organisation that has allowed me the opportunity to promote the book. There are several plans ahead for this book for the year 2015 as it brings about mindset management change to create positive realities and a life filled with success! Ameen.

    So Ive touched on the highlights of the year, there is so much more I wish to share however we have to leave some for next time!

    On that note, I want to wish all of you a blessed festive holiday ahead, safe travels, enjoy each precious moment with your loved ones.

    Be yourself, but be your best self! If you would like to be part of the Adivah whatsapp group, email info@adivahmarketing.co.za and be inspired over the holidays. Also you may like the facebook page Adivah in Africa and please be sure to enter all of the amazing holiday competitions and giveaways that are up for grabs…

    Catch you all in the New Year!

    Love, Light, Laugh

    Adila Vahed