• Life is bittersweet…take a step!

    Posted on June 1, 2015 by in Uncategorized

    Life is not smooth sailing. There is no love without pain. There is no joy without tears. There is no happiness without sadness. And so, it continues. Like a swinging pendulum. An experience of positive & negative. All good things & all bad things. There is no hardship without ease, which means that within hardship itself, is ease. If you are journeying through life hoping to not embrace those tough moments, then it is always going to be tough. However, the day you awaken from the confinement of your mind to realise that life is amazing, if every present moment was accepted & embraced without judgement, without negative thinking, then only would you be able to find the ‘ease’, the blessing in the hardship. Every experience is for our own benefit, for our own growth, for our own transition into a stronger, wiser being of consciousness. Nothing is ever taken away from us unless it is for our own benefit. There is a lesson to be learnt. And so, if the lesson is learnt, the very thing that was taken from us, is returned, in a better way, more than what we expect. This thing called life is magical! Really. It is. It is filled with so many bounties, we just make the mistake of focusing on the negative instead of seeking out the goodness. It is only in the true appreciation of what we have, will we ever allow ourselves to get more of anything in this world be it finance, career, family, relationships or health. Every aspect of our life, and its abundance or lack, is a result of our appreciation or ingratitude for our blessings. Make every day worth its bittersweet experience! Take a step within your mind, within your very own thoughts, move forward and upward by weeding out negative thinking & rather replace it with the good thoughts that exist. You will soon experience the amazing results of this simple action. 3-be-inspiredAV017