• Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

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    Good day everyone & thank you for reading my blogs ever so often…

    Each and every one of us are on a constant journey. However, this journey is not consistent. It may be constant yes but consistent, certainly not!

    And it wont be consistent because things change all the time, nothing, no experience is meant to be a repetition of a previous experience. This is what makes life so amazing. The unknown. Not knowing what the next day has in store for us. And so, this can either be perceived as a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you wish to think your thoughts.

    I personally see it as a good thing. Infact, it is super awesome, not just good. Because not knowing what comes next is infact an opportunity to achieve so much more. It is in the ‘now’ that so many future experiences are created. It is in the present moment that life can be truly lived. Just to go back to the title of this article, ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’ well, let me elaborate further:

    If we set ourselves off to complete tasks, then that is precisely what we will do. We will complete tasks. However, if we have a vision to pursue excellence, then our actions will be filled with ambition, enthusiasm & effort to not just achieve, but exceed, these expectations. So, in your everyday life, in your work environment, in your family environment and wherever you go, be sure to ask yourself ‘How am I feeling right now in this moment? Do I feel filfulled? Do I feel as if I am doing my best in this situation? Am I capable of doing more than this? What is it that I want from myself and my life? What is my vision and what are my highest values?’

    By answering these questions everyday during life experiences, you will begin to awaken your consciousness & move forward with enthusiasm even if it be in cooking up a simple meal or concluding a million dollar business contract. The FEELING and the THOUGHT that you put into each thing you do, will determine the outcome. And so, remember that you cannot move to the next step of success in your life, unless you are pursuing & engaging at your maximum level in whatever it is you are currently doing, it is the 100% effort put into the ‘what is happening now’ that elevates you to the ‘what will come next’ You cannot skip the levels. It is in the experience that you move from this level to the next.

    And so to conclude this, I want to request that you live in this present moment, be your best self, be grateful but most importantly, do it with enthusiasm and you will see the fruits of your efforts. You will feel the success in your hands, or in your heart, whichever you value more.

    ‘Everything you can imagine is real’ – Pablo Picasso

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