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After a much anticipated wait, Get out of Your Mind! Has finally been launched in South Africa…

Author, Motivational Speaker & business owner, Adila Vahed, through her own business & personal challenges and her pursuit for the ideal, conscious driven life path, is proud to announce the release of her book titled “Get out of your Mind!” 7 steps to creating Long-term success & Life-long fulfilment” published by Raymond Aaron of The Raymond Aaron Group, Toronto, Canada, one of New York Times Bestselling Authors.

“I find it very fulfilling to meet with busy minds and advise them on techniques and methods on how to still the mind, change the way they think in order to bring about different results. This book will reach many more lives and inspire many more people, both young and old” said Adila.

Adila feels that many people are victims to the mind-set of limited accountability for their own actions. It is more convenient to assume that “nothing is my fault” in life. The author has searched for answers to many questions over the years in pursuit of understanding the mind of an individual and how we have become victims of it. Through research and dedication, Adila is inspired to awaken the minds of other young entrepeneurs, students and people from all walks of life.

Adila is a guest speaker and mentor. She hosts monthly mindset Management workshops for corporate clients, business owners, grade 10 -12 students and for the local community. The book is available for purchase at R120.00 each.

Should you wish to bring about change in your workplace, inspire your colleagues, staff or family members or if you wish to create different results in your own reality, then Get out of your Mind! Is certainly the book for you.

Client Testimonial

During one of the most challenging moments of my life, Adila Vahed, Author of Get out of your mind,  introduced me to concepts and tools which I believe changed the course of my life. Adila’s strategy on dealing with issues are essentially principal based, which is fantastic, because principals can be applied to any aspect of one’s life, be it personal, professional or otherwise. For me, the best part about the advice offered is that it provided me with tools and ideas that I could build on and grow from. It gave me a platform to find myself and to achieve everything I set out to and in so doing opened my mind to entirely new way of thinking. I started on this amazing journey of self-actualisation, with Adila’s help, over 10 months ago and can confidently tell you that I am nowhere close to the person I used to be but definitely still a work in progress J The principals are so simple and so easy to follow that you will find yourself speaking about it to family, to friends, to work colleagues, because it’s almost shocking how easy life actually is. Since applying these simple principals to my life I have reached heights that even I sometimes sit and cannot fathom or even try to wrap my head around. Without giving away too much about the book, my mind is now a beautiful healthy place which has opened my reality to endless success and opportunities. I am truly humbled to have been given the opportunity to be personally coached by Adila. I am confident that this book will help thousands of men and women as it has helped me to achieve true contentment and long term success.


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